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Making the best use of existing and upcoming technology to deliver higher quality projects meeting tight deadlines


Currently, the software used is;


Scia Engineer - SCIA Engineer is an integrated, multi-material structural analysis and design software for all kinds of structures. Its wide range of functionality makes it deployable for any construction type: design office buildings, industrial plants, bridges or any other project.


Autodesk Revit - a comprehensive BIM authoring tool with interoperability with structural analysis packages


Dynamo - a computational design tool that allows custom scripts to be written to do tasks that are repetitive or iterative, reducing time to create models or re-use information in models


Tekla Tedds - a powerful software package to increase designers efficiency, writing custom calculations and incorporating it with Microsoft word for consistent documents


Idea Statica Steel - CBFEM Connection design software to analyse and design any type of steel joint, with links to Scia Engineer, Revit and Tekla to accelerate joint design.


Causeway Flow - Advanced Drainage design software for hydraulic design of surface water


Our software is fully maintained or on subscription, so we always have the most current tools



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