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Domestic extensions can be a great way to gain needed living space without having to move house.


From simple single-storey extensions to multiple-storey extensions and loft conversions, there are a few key questions you need to ask;


  • What is my realistic budget?

  • What are my requirements?

  • What are my options?


There are a number of websites available to help you to budget for your extension;



These are guide prices, to help you to understand what you may be able to afford. Don't forget to allow for;


  • Architects fees for surveying the existing house and preparing drawings

  • Structural Engineer's fees for the design of foundations and supporting steelwork

  • Building Control fees for inspecting and approving the work designed and constructed


It goes without saying, but the larger the footprint, the more expensive the fees will be.


Don't forget to allow for a contingency. Foundations can easily cost more due to unknown ground conditions.


Next, find out whether you need planning permission to build your extension. A useful resource is the planning portal;


Armed with this information, you are in a position to be able to instruct an architect to create the plans required for your work.

Whilst you may not require drawings for planning purposes, being able to provide drawings to your prospective builder will help them to price the project better, in addition to clarifying the project with building control, insurance and a record for any future owner.


If you would like a quote for us to help you with this work, please fill in the form here





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